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        佛山市??茩C器人科技有限公司是一家由掌握眼鏡機械專業研發知識的人 員創建的企業,公司創立之初便以“以客戶為中心,始終為客戶創造價值”為 企業使命,提供注塑眼鏡智能生產系統、鏡框鏡腳打磨拋光系統、智能噴涂系 統等整體解決方案及全套眼鏡自動化設備。 公司結合國內外眼鏡生產工藝特點,歷時三年時間,首創研發具有完全自 主知識產權的專利產品---鏡框注塑自動放鉸鏈系統,在市場一經推出,便在行業 掀起眼鏡注塑智能生產熱潮,而后根據不同鏡框鏡腳生產工藝特點,不斷推出 鏡框自動打磨拋光機、鏡腳自動打磨拋光機、金屬打磨系統、鏡腳自動放鉸鏈 放尾針機、鏡框注塑取出打磨一體機、鉸鏈自動蓋膠帽機、自動涂膠機、自動 點膠粘鉆石機、智能噴涂系統等一系列產品,奠定了“??茩C器人”作為眼鏡 智能制造創領品牌的地位。

        在多年的實踐摸索中,公司積累了大量眼鏡生產相關成功案例經驗及數據, 針對眼鏡生產過程中款式多、批量小、換型快等情況,已成功解決從前端注塑 到中端打磨拋光再到末端噴涂的自動化、智能化等關鍵技術難題,并根據客戶 實際生產需求,在不增加成本的前提下為客戶量身定制眼鏡智能生產整體解決 方案,并提供全套設備及技術支持,徹底結束了注塑鏡框鏡腳等產品的傳統手 工生產的歷史,成為業界關注的焦點。

        我們??迫巳f分熱愛著自己的企業,本著“實干興邦”的企業精神,加上 強大的科技自主創新能力,將不斷為您提供更多、更好的設備,我們愿意為提 升眼鏡行業自動化水平、創造出具有中國特色的世界級公司而奮斗終生......

        The Introduction Of Aike Robots Technology Co., Ltd. Foshan Aike Robots Technology Co., Limited is one company founded by one team which masters the professional R & D knowledge of spectacles machinery. From the beginning of the foundation, the company always adheres the mission of "the customers are the center and always create value for customers", and provides integrated solutions such as spectacles MIM intelligent production system, spectacles polishing system, intelligent spraying system, and full set automation equipment.

        Aike Company creates one completely independent intellectual property and patented product--- spectacle automatic injection and automatic hinge fixing system after three years research and development according to spectacles’ production process characteristics inside and outside China. Once introduced in the market, this system has been setting off spectacles injection intelligent production boom. After that, Aike Company launches some more machines such as automatic spectacle polishing machine, automatic legs polishing machine, metal grinding system , automatic hinge and pin fixing machine, one integrated machine for spectacle injection, taking out and polishing, one automatic machine to put a cover on the hinge, automatic gluing machine, automatic glue dispensing and diamond sticking machine and intelligent spraying machine. It establishes the position of "Aike Robots" as the leading brand in spectacle intelligent manufacturing section.

        In the past years, Aike Company accumulates a large number of experiences of successful spectacle production cases and data. Due to the special requirements of many different styles, small batches and quick production convertibility in the spectacles production, Aike Company has successfully solved the main technical problems of automatic and intelligent production of mold injection, polishing, fixing and spraying and provides complete set machines and technical supports, and completely ends the history of traditional spectacle manual production, and becomes the focus of attention in spectacle industry.

        Aike people love the company, with the enterprise spirit of “invigorating the country by action orientation” and the strong scientific and technological independent innovation ability, Aike Company will provide more better machines to increase the automation level in spectacle industry, and will struggle for ever to create a world-class company with Chinese characteristics.